Maurice Lacroix Beiring Strait Expedition

World Record Attempt: Bering Strait Expedition Started

A team of adventurers is following its own convictions

Zurich, July 2011. The “Maurice Lacroix Bering Strait Expedition” team, headed by Swiss kiteboarder Geza Scholtz, made a first attempt last year to cross the Bering Strait by kiteboard, under the motto “Follow your convictions”, in the process attempting to make history by setting a new world record. “Follow your convictions” demonstrates Maurice Lacroix’s determination to follow its own visions. After almost a month of pushing the limits of endurance, the expedition had to be called off due to poor weather conditions. Now Geza Scholtz, his brother André and Constantin Bisanz (Austria), are making a second attempt.

This year’s expedition team consists of the Swiss brothers Geza and André Scholtz, and Constantin Bisanz from Austria. The adventurers have set themselves a goal of establishing a world record with the first crossing of the Bering Strait from America to Asia by kiteboard.

They have to travel 100 km by kiteboard, which means between six and eight hours non-stop. But the adventure starts even before the crossing. Such an extreme athletic performance requires a preparatory phase lasting several months, with daily training sessions. You need to be physically and mentally fit to stand a chance against the wild waters, at temperatures of just 2-3°C.

The team will establish its base in Teller, Alaska and prepare for the crossing. It will then have a maximum of three weeks to wait for optimal weather conditions and attempt to set a world record before the Bering Strait freezes over again.